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Bringing Peace to the World Through Song

Linda Smith Koehler is a singer / songwriter, called “chant maestra” by her mentor, Kay Gardner. Her chants are sung by Singing in Sacred Circle groups all over the US and beyond. She has been singing with Women With Wings in Bangor Maine since its inception in 1993 and has been music director since Kay’s death in 2002. Linda’s music is also rooted in her Unitarian Universalist values of believing in the inherent worth and dignity of each and every human and protecting the interdependent web of all life of which we are a part.

Many of Linda’s songs are short and simple chants. Anyone who sings along can quickly move beyond thinking about how to sing and into singing from heart and soul. As the voice generates the melodies, the body resonates with the vibration of the healing sounds. The words affirm the beauty, strength, power, and divinity within each of us and remind us of our interwoven relationship with all that is. As we sing these messages of peace, love, and joy, we replace negative messages with these positive, empowering words. Doing so brings a sense of peace within, causing us to radiate peace into the world. It is the intention of this music to joyfully bring peace to the world, one heart at a time.



Linda Smith Koehler

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