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Permission to Copy or Perform

Songwriters and composers bring forth a little piece of their soul in every creation. Like light shining through a prism, the universe sings through us in ways that are specific to the particular facets of who we are. It takes resources to share these creations. When you buy a license to copy or perform, your financial support makes it possible for us to continue to make our music available.


Fees are based on your needs

Groups can pay a one-time, sliding-scale fee to use my music. The fee is based on the number of singers, the size of the congregation or audience, the number of songs you want to use, and your organization’s ability to pay. If you pay one amount and then your usage increases, you can buy additional licenses. I want you to sing these songs, so please sing and contribute what you can. 


If you would rather purchase multiple copies of the songbook, contact me at for bulk order pricing.


Licensing details

The Sliding Scale for a license to copy and perform songs in perpetuity from the songbook One, Songs and Chants to Nurture Joy, Cultivate Peace, and Honor the Earth is $75 - $250. If owning multiple copies of the songbook would be better, contact me for bulk order pricing. If paying by check, please email and I'll send you the mailing address. 

Please click the button below and fill out the form to start the process. Thank you.

Permission and fees to copy or perform for events for profit, record for sale or publication, or to include a song in a songbook are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please email


It delights me to hear how my songs are used in the world. Please let me know what songs you share, in what settings, and if anyone shares an impact a song has on them. 

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